Alliance House Residential Center

The Alliance House Residential Center (AHRC) is a community housing facility for individuals with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.  The program houses 24 adult clients, 11 males and 13 females. 

The AHRC is funded through Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) and Capital Area United Way.  Clients must be eligible for services through LRS.  The length of stay is three - six months. During their stay, clients receive assistance in money management, life skills, and job placement. Our main goals for clients are sobriety and transition into permanent housing. It is important that clients view their stay at the AHRC  as an opportunity for success and a second step after recovery.



Upon securing employment, residents will be required to save 80% of their monthly income.


Residents have access to the bus   station which is conveniently located near the Center. Residents are allowed to use their personal vehicles after a thirty day probationary period as long as they have held a job for two weeks and have savings of $300.

Outpatient Treatment

Residents with mental health diagnoses are required to attend regular appointments at local Mental Health Centers or with their private therapist. Residents are required to attend weekly appointments at the Capital Area Human Services District Center for Addictive Disorders. All residents are responsible for their own medical treatment.


Alcohol and possession or use of illegal substances are strictly prohibited. Random drug screenings will be performed at Program’s discretion.

Daily Schedule

All residents are required to work full time. If not working, they must be looking for employment and attending AA/NA/CA meetings. Residents are responsible for preparing their own breakfast and lunch. The AHRC prepares a hot meal for dinner.


Alliance House Residential Center111 and 113  North 22nd Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Men’s House:  225-344-4149
Women’s House: 225-267-6977







Alliance House Drop-In-Center

A day program for adults with chronic mental illness.

Alliance House Residential Center

A transitional living facility for adults with substance abuse.


Educational Classes / Support Groups for Adults.


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